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All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe
All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe

let’s talk 1 và các Nội dung liên quan đến chủ đề.

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All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe.

let’s talk 1.

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  1. I was expecting you to talk about the direct visual contact made by those pilots, not just talking about the radars and cameras. These phenomena must be looked seriously using science, but at least take the decency to take a look on everything, not only what you think it's easy explained and mocked on a youtube video to get subscribers. The issue most people that believe on these phenomena have with the skeptic community is not that they try to give a down to hearth explanation if it, but because they do it mockingly in a place of arrogance and superiority. And that was exactly what you did in this video.

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  2. I've saw flying saucers. Followed by flying cups and plate, got the hell away from that domestic dispute quicker than if Marvin the Martian landed. Did my own share of earth shattering kabooms, thank you, I want to preserve what remains of my hearing.

    Still, "cleared dude" gave himself away with "13,000 MPH", there are known objrcts that move at that speed and higher. Satellites and especially, newly reentering objects. Why, many become a veritable "squadron" of incinerating junk. One, a shuttle coming apart with pilot and crew.
    Obviously, I didn't need to fire my heat seeking moisture missile. My wife remains thankful.

    Now, UFO's? Saw plenty, U means unidentified, eventually, most get identified, then there are spy birds coming back down.
    Orbit doesn't mean out of the atmosphere, just that the atmosphere looks like Mars and lower pressure, it's still pressure to decay an orbit.
    Some others, well, "they weren't there", as they were some program object or once, an SR-71 that made an emergency landing, but in that case, neither of us existed…

    But, I will say, a disconcerting number of fighter pilots chase after what was later ascertained to be satellites in orbit. Pretty much always, that 13,000 MPH or higher or "high G shift". which is still zero G in orbit. I suspect an artifact in their imagers.

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  3. Nope sorry u missed the mark here joe. The pentagon would not have ignored your theory it's all balloons and camera glare that's the first thing they test it against . You just got jaded due to anxiety it happens and it's sad I'm sorry

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  4. If Jan. 6 showed us anything, it is that exotic fantasies aren't harmless. It ISN'T OK when wish fulfillment becomes the basis for what people actually believe is real. Folks…ALIENS AREN'T REAL. "WARP" DRIVE ISN'T REAL. INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL ISN'T REAL. TIME TRAVEL ISN'T REAL. Sorry, the asphalt beneath your feet is all there is. That other stuff is just magical fairy stories. Get back to work.

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  5. When something is true it ALWAYS becomes obvious.
    Extraterrestrial thing will always be in the speculation area. Remember Loch Ness monster? The man who took the "photos” before dying, he confessed. That wouldn’t matter for locals because there was big business behind this lie. So, the message for the huge number of stars we see is: There’s a Creator, make conclusions about how you live. It comes handy knowing very soon you’ll face eternity.

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  6. I think this is missing a lot of context. These are 'leaked' videos that the Pentagon later confirmed were "real".

    We don't know the body of evidence that caused the Pentagon to make that statement but I have to believe they are relatively competent and did their due diligence. For me, it must be relatively substantial to support the statement…the complete reversal of previous stances from 'Debunk/Dismiss' to later 'Say Nothing' is curious but irrelevant at this point.

    They may not be forthcoming with more of their evidence but surely we must agree either the Pentagon and Navy are incompetent…or we accept their assessment? Also, quite frankly I'd be worried if my nations pilots couldn't accurately estimate how far away a target is/target's estimated speed or an entire crew couldn't tell a 'light artefact' from an actual threat "swarming" their ship…

    I'm not saying you're wrong to hold these beliefs, only that if you do, you must believe your armed forces to be incompetent to the point of absurdity. The pilots, officers, crews, the upper brass…this touches on every level.

    As for why more of them don't come out to support these reports….can you blame them? If the average Joe (sorry) won't believe the Navy or the Pentagon, what's their account going to do but bring them personal grief?

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  7. I'm honestly surprised you are on the "its impossible" side of the fence. I put my faith in Science just as you do. That said if a particular subject isn't definitely proven or disproven regardless of circumstantial evidence then Ibleave that subject in the "I don't know" box. I fully understand things like the Fermi paradox, interstellar distance and so forth, that said there is so much we simply don't know. Therefore it has to remain as open for debate. I'm just a little surprised you don't see it that way. Anyway, we probably won't get definitive answers any time soon.

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  8. “What would it take” you ask to make you a non-skeptic on this? …Simple…a close encounter with such a physical craft in broad daylight…I would argue that in having this unique kind of first hand experience that it becomes difficult to honestly and believably deny its authenticity to one’s self….it is such a singularly surreal experience its hard to convey to anyone who hasn’t had one…And the close visual encounters of these Top trained Military pilots is perhaps more valuable than some of the images you have offered prosaic explanations for…

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  9. I think most definitely there is intelligent life in the cosmos. One Question. Why did the United States just announce a new Space Force recently? It's because this technology of hypersonic speeds, anti-gravity, transmedium vehicles is already and as has been in US hands since WW2. Probably from all the German scientists who migrated to America during Operation Paperclip. Does anyone remember the German bell or saucer craft. Imagine 60 years of improving on the concepts.

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  10. Thanks for presenting more plausible explanations than we're used to getting. It's not swamp gas or weather balloons. But — maybe its the Tic Tac company taking their ad version of the Oscar Meyer wienermobile out for a test run?

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  11. Yep… all those Highly experienced and highly trained fighter pilots mistook a simple balloon and camera effect for something that defied their own capabilities.. sure man. Pentagon literally saying they've recovered craft not of this world…

    Some people are so deep in their cognitive dissonance theyll convince themselves of anything even though the evidence is right in front of them.

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  12. Honestly, I found this video disappointing. It's one thing being skeptical, but your "do we even know if this is the real audio" line is straying into conspiracy land. You already said that the DoD have confirmed that the videos are legit

    Also, with the rotating "gimbal" video, the object rotates IN RELATION to the clouds behind it. Camera glitch, or no glitch, the camera CANNOT rotate one object in the frame whilst keeping the rest of the frame stabilised. Come on dude. Think about it

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  13. Dr. Gene Kim or Scott Mitchell explains fallen angels. The spiritual view is a scary version to this topic but also very powerful, and they should be asked as well. Religion also holds light to the questions for UFOs, so next time someone says UFOs are fallen angels maybe their views will be expressed in a serious conversation. The UFO phenomenon leaves us with more questions, but right now the more questions the better.

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  14. Being a plain believer or debunker it's of no use. We have to mantain a healthy dose of skepticism while pushing the search for facts with a good amount of curiosity and imagination.

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  15. They already said go fast video wasnt traveling fast, it was about 200 mph BUT it was colder than the ocean and no visable means of propulsion. Thet know how fast it was going and it wasnt wind speed

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