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Phải chăng bạn đang cần tìm bài viết nói về gouache có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề ART GOALS FOR 2021 ✶ Painting with Jelly Gouache đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

ART GOALS FOR 2021 ✶ Painting with Jelly Gouache | Hướng dẫn Vẽ tranh 4D đơn giản tại đây.


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ART GOALS FOR 2021 ✶ Painting with Jelly Gouache
ART GOALS FOR 2021 ✶ Painting with Jelly Gouache

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ART GOALS FOR 2021 ✶ Painting with Jelly Gouache.


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  1. These screencap studies came out beautifully. I also love Klaus. I watched it for the first time in 2019 with my family and I just fell in love with the movie. I watched it twice last year and it’s just a beautiful movie. Even if it’s not Christmas, I still think it’s a movie worth watching because it was so well-done. Now I feel like taking screencaps of some of the scenery from the movie just to give it a try myself. So much inspiration. 😀🥰

  2. Would love to see you on Twitch for sure! I enjoy how open you are with your community about all your thoughts and journeys. Can't wait to be here when you reach all your goals this year, lots of love!

  3. Hey! I love to paint along with you and all your works are so amazing!! My problem is about mixing colors. I don't know how to get the color without knowing the composition(the names, like acid blue+violet) of the mixture. How can I fix that?😅 Really appreciate it!!

  4. I love your art! I love watching while drawing along, always sparks my inspiration hearing you talk about why and how you chose what to paint. I also just want to say, water to add to paint in a squirt bottle…..absolutely genius!!

  5. I love the colors in these landscape studies!
    My 2021 Art Goals: start my own sticker shop, create more (gouache & acrylic)paintings, and to do more studies on things I wouldn't normally draw/paint/create.

  6. My art goals for this year is to find an art style that I can use comfortably so that I might start doing commissions! Also, get better at figure drawing. As a start I created a character and draw the figure in different art styles.

  7. It sounds like you’re at the point where you need to outsource your admin duties! This would allow you to spend time experimenting with your art.

    For ex: website upkeep, manufacturing research, video editing, packing orders for ur shop.

  8. Those brushes are goals, but 60$?? My broke ass wishes to buy good quality brushes for my paintings but cant lmao but they seem amazing ugh.

  9. You're absolutely right in that you have to do things you enjoy. Your audience will be here to watch. And I loved this set-up with the wider angle shot…it was great to see how you mix colors, etc. Loved these studies!

  10. I adored the Klaus movie as well and have watched it multiple times, I love the way you remade the scenes. Your color matching is really good.

  11. Wow, squarespace must love you. You advertise for them quite a lot. I know you like them so that's very good and with all the sponsorships from them, I hope it really helps your channel. Also, I like how you have 1 specific sponsor and you're not always jumping around multiple sponsorships like most creators, which at least makes me feel that you're more trustworthy since you seem to not just accept anything and you really want to like what you're advertising. You go girl <3.

  12. ahhh we have a lot of similar goals! First, I just want to say I would absolutely love a studio vlog and if some people aren't interested I will simply watch it multiple times on behalf of them because studio vlogs are SO cool and calming. It's also a nice break from having to create a piece for a video as well, you can just film yourself doing little art chores or work along with some slice of life and ughhhh it's the best, really. Also, I too am feeling kind of uncertain about my art and my art style and where to go from here, but at the same time it's kind of exciting because it just feels like a new adventure awaiting?? So I'm also back down the rabbit hole of studies as well (it's time to conquer these hands and shoes.) As for content creating, I definitely think it's best to create what you're comfortable with or gravitated towards, because it will really show if you like it or not and honestly if people enjoy you and your art, I'd like to think that they wouldn't mind. Either way, I look forward to all of the content to come and I wish us the best this year ^^

  13. I bought one set 18 colour just like you but in blue, the colour in it was different from yours. Is it because of different colour of the box? 😢😢😭😭

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on prioritising art you're proud of and the double edged sword of content creation and success, it was super insightful for someone like me who is earlier in their art journey! ❤

  15. Even though you don't do the so called "tutorial videos" I'm ALWAYS learning with your videos, just from watch you paint and draw. Actually I just realized they are not tutorials because you said hahaha. Also, you bring so much information about tv shows, other artists to follow and art struggle that, in my opinion, you shouldn't even bother with tutorials. there is already a lot of value in your content. thank you for that. you are perfect as you are. hahaha

  16. I absolutely adore Klaus and so happy to see you try it out in gouache, it is perfect! Love how you share your thoughts about your future plans for your youtube channel too :)

  17. Been following you a full year now and I just wish to share how big of an inspiration you’ve been to my motivation and creativity. Just wow! Looking forward to another full year 💖

  18. Made me get my gouache out. Thanks 😘 my painting turned out beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration ! Always

  19. Thanks for the video, these studies turned out so beautifully!😍 I'm excited to see studio vlogs from you if you manage to make them happen, I'm sure you'll do great ❤

  20. People I recomend drawingwiffwaffles sheck out her channel, she haves a lot of video where she does practices and analisisof how to draw poses,hands, shoes…

  21. Love the illustrations and know the struggle of shipping supplies being spread all over the house. 🙈

  22. Studio vlogs! I love putting those on the the background as I work so I hope you end up making some. Those are some super exciting goals you have, wishing you the best this year!

  23. Klaus is one of the most beautifully animated 2d movies in the past decade! I remember watching it when it came out and just pausing almost every frame to cry at how beautiful everything is. Your interpretation of the shots are really pretty. Makes me want to revisit that movie soon. I can relate to a lot of the things you mentioned in this video, the struggle of being a content creator and finding time to create work that really lives up to our own standards is hard. I think you are doing so great and It's really inspiring for me to hear your perspective. I was surprised you mentioned my channel here again haha I had no idea, but now it makes sense why there has been a lot more subscribers in the past few days. I think it's really kind of you to mention and promote other channel and artists, thanks for being a great artist and human :D

  24. The squeeze bottle for diluting the paints is such an amazing idea! So happy I clicked on this video, its been a long time since i've done art in a while but this has really inspired me to give gouache another go!!

  25. Hello ! This got into my recommended and I do not regret clicking. I love how genuine and humble you are, acknowledging your own limits and shouting out to other content makers out here !

    Also you've made me inspired to try painting once again (oooh scary)

    Thank you so much.

  26. I apologize if you mentioned this in the video as I was listening to music while watching but do you use the dropper to reactivate the gouache as well? I got some for christmas and I was trying to figure out if i should get this or a spray bottle.

  27. This is so stunning! Klaus is definitely one of my fave movies of last year and I'be watched it multiple times. It was also so nice to hear you speak about your plans, and I totally agreed that you should make the content you feel more comfortable with. This is your platform after all, and I always love all the videos you put out!

  28. Re: studio vlogs, if you're feeling it, I'd love to see a studio tour (when possible). I binge studio tours so much and day dream about having my own haha

  29. I totally get the double edged sword thing! I started my YT channel in September (with you and Waffles as inspiration, not going to lie) and wanting to be more consistent with creating videos and content has meant that I've filmed some drawings that I dont LOVE but wanted to get a video out really bad (to appease the algorithm gods) and I'd really like to move past that. I have a lot of video ideas that I'm more passionate about and I hope will produce work that I actually enjoy :)

  30. Hey! Im not from English speaking country, but I understand almost everything You said.
    Your pronunciation is awesome!
    It was very fine to listen u💘

  31. I totally support your decision to pursue what you feel more passionate in terms of content creation, otherwise it’s so easy to get creative burnout. Looking forward to what you have in store for us, especially the studio vlogs! :)

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