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CANSON MIX MEDIA SKETCHBOOK REVIEW | Hướng dẫn Vẽ tranh 4D đơn giản tại đây.

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27 thoughts on “CANSON MIX MEDIA SKETCHBOOK REVIEW | canson | Hướng dẫn vẽ tranh đơn giản nhất”

  1. I can help explain! I have bought at least 6 from Michael’s and they were all perfect but then I saw Walmart was selling them so ofc I bought them. They were half the price of a Michael’s one which I thought was super cool until I used it. I could immediately tell that there was alot of things wrong. Not only did it do everything u said urs did but it almost had no support in the page so it buckled on watercolor, it barely had any groove in the paper so color pencils were a bust and the edges of the cover were sharp and not rounded like the ones I got from Michael’s. Not to mention whenever I used markers it wouldn’t blend right at all. I’ve come to realize that the company isn’t selling the same quality of sketchbooks at every outlet they distribute from.

  2. i whanted to buy it but mostly i paint or draw on a hard paper i have theese like paper stripes in my english book and it falls out always and as she said she is not happy with it and im also not happy
    about this.Btw this must be probably a mistake bc my friend has this sketch book and the pages dont fall out and they dont have stripes like that🤧🥱

  3. You're over exaggerating. Maybe you're abusing the book. I have one of those and it's perfectly fine. I'm using water color's and the book is perfect.

  4. I've used this sketchbook so much for the past idk 5-6 years. it's my favorite sketchbook but sometimes this happens to me (although not to this extent…). my only problem is that when you carry them around a lot for a long period of time the front and back covers fall off LOL i hate it

  5. I have a bunch of these type of sketchbooks ranging from all different sizes with multiple mediums in this and it never did that for me- besides with the acrylic one, but that was my fault(I hit my friend with my sketchbook because younger me has major anger issues)

    Although mine always have a problem with the binding (literally every single one of my sketchbooks has the spiral or spine breaking besides 1 and it's probably because my friends snatch my sketchbook) none of my pages ever fell out.

  6. It's true, these ones do tear easily, but I prefer it that way. I had to cut out pages from the smaller version even though it was perforated, and that was frustrating because I can't seem to cut in a straight line. Maybe they tried to correct that flaw with this large version and missed the mark

  7. I am on my 15th journal And 2 of them have done that. I am going to be very careful buying them from now on and will be very observant in the store.

  8. Ik a lot of ppl will come at me but I really dont like the cover it scratches easily. I dont mean to be picky but I cant say I have ocd but im a perfectionist and uh- besides that love this sketchbook

  9. I filled 14 sketchbooks like this one but u Don't have this problem, it works great, seams like a problem they sebt to u, hope u will solve it

  10. uhh owned those sketchbooks for the past 4 years i think you got a defect m8 carried mine from my backpack and on the go and never EVER had that problem lmao

  11. i understand you're reviewing your book and experience with it, but don't tell people not to buy it. that you don't recommend it. YOU got a defective one. you're making it sound as if that type of book in general is not good when it's not true. don't blame the company. alot of the sketchbooks have perforated paper. and the glue ones aren't any better cause they come out to at times. others have wire rings too. so if all that is a problem, put out money and buy the stitched ones. but the book did serve its purpose right? good.

  12. My thought is, this is not a pure sketchbook, it is mixed media paper. Most people will tear our the pages and mount or otherwise affix this to another surface to work. If all you want is a spiral bound sketchpad where the pages are not designed to be removed, buy a sketchbook? I am not a professional so I am not trying to come off that way, that's just my first impression.

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