Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World | marseille | Bộ Sưu Tập Học Tiếng Pháp hữu ích nhất

Nếu bạn đang muốn tìm cách làm nói về chủ đề marseille, Nhưng Bạn chưa tra cứu được những giải đáp đúng nhất hoặc những trích dẫn hữu ích cho nội dung của mình, thì mời các bạn xem nhanh bài viết rõ ràng dưới đây được chúng tôi chuẩn bị ngay sau đây.

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Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World | Xem thêm nhiều thông tin nhiều công dụng nhất tại đây.

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Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World

marseille và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến chuyên mục.

Khi ở Marseille Ross Điều tra ma túy ở La Castellane cũng như tham gia cùng cảnh sát trong một cuộc đột kích vô cùng nguy hiểm. Hãy nhớ đăng ký để biết thêm các clip đáng kinh ngạc và các tập đầy đủ, hãy nhấp vào đây: Ross Kemp Extreme World là ngôi nhà của loạt phim Ross Kemp yêu thích của bạn, bao gồm Ross Kemp On Pirates, Ross Kemp On Gangs, Ross Kemp In Afghanistan và Ross Kemp On The Frontline , cũng như một số cuộc phỏng vấn và cảnh quay khó khăn, khó hiểu nhất. Bạn có một clip yêu thích của Ross Kemp? Hãy cho chúng tôi biết trong phần bình luận! .

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Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá marseille.

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Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World.


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44 thoughts on “Issues in Marseille Compilation | Ross Kemp Extreme World | marseille | Bộ Sưu Tập Học Tiếng Pháp hữu ích nhất”

  1. I´m always impressed by Ross´ documentations. He´s really going, where the heat is on. No "sunshine"
    journalism at all ! He´s got my fully respect. Stay healthy, save and go on please, with your unique work.
    By the way, I´m very grateful and lucky to live in conditions without miseries, so many humans have to !

  2. France losing it's culture and civilization. I don't know what happened to the French nation who were pride of their culture and civilization. They forgot Bonaparte, They forgot each steps of their history. Today over 40 % of Marseille population are immigrants – This isn't normal anymore as it's very shameful.

  3. I truly HATED Marseille when I visited years ago. There was one incident in particular where I was convinced we were going to get at least badly beaten by a group of youths. They surrounded me and my girlfriend and kept asking to have group sex with her in an alleyway (classy!) and weren’t letting us go. In the middle of the argument my gf just casually walked off into the train station, things somehow died down and they left. But for a couple long minutes I was truly convinced we were in serious trouble. We left on a 5am train the next morning and I would never go back. Aside from that incident the whole city was a dump and people were aggressive everywhere. It wasn’t a pleasant place to be

  4. La Castelane, important to say that it is on the pavement of that estate where the legend Zinedin Zidane grew up and built his magical football skills.

  5. I understand they don't want bricks in their apartments in case the police raid them and know you've been launching them off the balcony, but how do you explain a pile of massive ice blocks?

  6. Be white in Marseille is already a bad idea.

    But be white and looks like a skinhead
    walking quietly in the street
    is really unbelievable.

  7. I’m french and I’m come Montpellier is a ghetto à little less hot than Marseille. It’s not kidding here Marseille is like the bronx

  8. Kempy u are a jumpy scaredy cat, i wouldn't say coward cos u put urself out there but you have to try atleast not to dramatize things…the soldiers don't flinch but you overreacting doesnt help others. I still give u credit but some taken away for ur timidity and it causes others to do the same. I seen in one of the docos in Afghanistan, you was talking to a soldier and u shit bricks from friendly fire which made him flinch, he definitely wouldn't have moved if u didn't scare him. Saying " that was enough to make us move" lol u made him jump from ur reaction….NOT BAGGIN U MATE JUST TELLING YOU WHAT I SEEN. its not helpful for them!!!

  9. It’s not only France, every europeen countries have surbubs now. But the US are still the worst !

  10. France is beautiful but in Marseille and in France it is a cause of foreigners, Moroccans, Algerians and certain Tunisians who do not feel French even if they were born in France who always walk around with a flag of Morocco or else of algeria by insulting france because they have hatred against this country it is ridiculous if you look at them in france even the moroccans and algerians are at war while they are the two most numerous people in france and this are berbers and arabs

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