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let's talk about society's hatred of teenage girls… | Xem thêm nhiều kiến thức bổ ích nhất tại đây.

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let's talk about society's hatred of teenage girls… và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

let's talk about society's hatred of teenage girls…

let’s talk 1 và các Nội dung liên quan đến chủ đề.

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let's talk about society's hatred of teenage girls….

let’s talk 1.

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43 bình luận về “let's talk about society's hatred of teenage girls… | let’s talk 1 | Danh Sách Học Tiếng Anh bổ ích nhất”

  1. Every year, I hear a comment about the age group I am in, and I think, “Next year, I won’t have to worry about this because I’ll no longer be this age.” And, I continue to do this with every new degrading comment I hear for my age until my birthday, yet new accusations of what I’m like arise with each new age I turn. I have been left to assume I will just have to deal with this until I’m finally considered an adult, instead of just a teenage girl who is mature for my age, but I now understand that I am not the only one who struggles with this. I am glad to hear that I should just start ignoring the ignorant stereotypes and stop wasting my childhood.

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  2. brooooooo i always hear giys say to me “you’re not like other girls you acc have a hobby” because i’m a painter… and it’s like don’t you okay video games all day? why is that more reasonable than liking books or makeup

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  3. Girl: Oh yeah I like insert football team
    Boy: SuRrRrRe Ok ThEn what was the blood type of the 1974 coaches niece????
    Girl: Uhh I don't know?
    Boy: Seeeeee I knew you weren't a realll fan you just want attention lol only guys like sports

    Like seriously??? WTF?

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  4. I totally agree, but the second you call out the hobbies of 20 to 30 year old still playing video games or collecting action figures, suddenly you've gone to far. Adult men will immediately start writing essays, think pieces, videos, and will get down right philosophical about how shooting the heads off of virtual people is cleasing to human soul.

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  5. In middle school, I used to have the “I’m not like other girls…” mentality. (And yes, I look back on it and hate it). Now I realize that it’s because of guys and the expectations that are set for me. I didn’t want to be made fun of for being “basic” so I tried harder to go against the norm. Believe me, I still got made fun of, but guys would avoid me because of the group of people I hung out with, the way I dressed, the things I said, etc. So… I kept doing it.

    Only now do I realize that avoiding certain interests and outward expressions that are labeled as feminine wasn’t something I should have been doing. For a large chunk of my life, I rejected dresses, make-up, and stuff like that, but only because I thought I would be looked at as “basic”. Quarantine, as much as it made me depressed, it also gave me time to think. I explored and developed different music tastes, make-up, dressed how I wanted to dress, and educated myself on political and social issues that I cared about. I now feel confident in my interests. Little by little, I’ve realized that women shouldn’t be knocking each other down or competing, they should be lifting each other up. I’m sick of hating and not wanting anything to do with anyone who may be considered “basic”. I was definitely hypocritical. And don’t get me wrong— there are things that I like and still have a taste for from back when I was in that negative mindset, but I don’t let those things keep me in a box anymore. I’m happy to say that I still have some of my old and new interests.

    My only hope is that these sorts of conversations keep popping up, because I think a lot of teenage girls need to hear this message and think about why they like the things that they do— is it because you don’t want to be seen a certain way? Is it because you want to fit in? Just a thought.

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  6. my brother literally says that he wishes he didn’t have a daughter because he wouldn’t be able to protect her from everything. when i asked what everything was, he said: ”going to the grocery store, going to school, hanging out with friends.” …wait he basically just wants to control her life because he knows men, or so he says. i mean it’s kind of funny bc he always says ”i’m a MAN (he’s a boy) so i know what men WANT” whatever.

    like holy sh*t if society keeps blaming the victims, the predators will never stop. he never said that he wishes he didn’t have a son that will become a predator, now did he? he just wants to continue the same effing problem with this controlling the victims bullsh*t.

    no lie, but the word teenager isn’t even a positive thing anymore. older people have used it as an insult towards me several times and my friends have lied so many times about their ages because they’ve gotten harassed. i’ve been told by a woman on twitter that i deserve to be slapped for liking bts… and y’know my parents are anti east-asians so similar things have already happened to me for liking music that they don’t approve of. but i’m done with being dragged by bitter hags with no time on their hands, go count your fingers or pay attention to your infants or something. be useful smh. what is bullying me going to serve, other than for you to get smoked?

    edit: also, i’m half-way through so i don’t know if you’ll touch upon this subtopic but literally everything a teenager complains about is diminished to EXTINCTION. depression? pfft they’re all attention-wh*res. again, complete disregard of the age of the person they’re talking to. if anyone is a wh*re… i mean you’ve lived longer, no? so maybe you’ve banged more too. but anyways they’ll call us stupid or fake or boring or a show-off.

    and in the same breath that they call us manipulative and scary, they say they feel bad for us because we are so naïve and easily manipulative. it’s tiring at this point. are you the bully or am i the bully? take a pick.

    for reference, i’m 19 now, and when i first joined twitter it was in 2016 and i was 14.

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  7. I AM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN TRAPPED BY THIS INTERLIZED MISOGYNY BS!!!! I have stopped fricking talked about my interests up until I started drawing (but even then I don't share my work with guys cause I know they will make fun of it) cause I didn't feel like any of my other hobbies (collecting littlest pet shops, crafting, my little pony) were not good enough.

    Even on youtube when I expressed I like lps and playing videogames people made fun of me.


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  8. A girl isn't even allowed to have a fricking sense of humor. Literally the "class clown" is always a boy. If a girl makes a joke in school people litterary just think she's crazy and werid.

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  9. i get called a k!ke on Twitter on a regular basis 🤩 I’m thirteen 🤩 I’m just trying to get sims updates 🤩 and so yeah sometimes I stand up for me people and it gets me called slurs!!! love being a teenage girl jew 🤩

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  10. One things that is adjacent with this is what happened with the content creator “callmecarson” who used his following to take advantage of female fans. Quite a while before it was found that he had 107 hours on a 20 min long game that’s about r@ping a 14 year old girl, I was 14 when this happened but I listened to people when they said it was just a joke. I don’t think it was a joke anymore, and many (mostly) male fans were ready to accept him back when he made a tweet to test the waters. They don’t understand how betrayed I and many other female fans felt when we found out, the idea that it could have been me fucking haunts me. Even his closest friends were concerned enough with what he did to call the police, and these men think what he did is forgivable? I was made fun of for being genuinely hurt by what he did.

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  11. hi , teenage girl here ! my main hobbies include skateboarding , playing electric guitar , surfing , and listening to bts . i constantly get made fun of when skating down the street and get told to “ do a kick flip “ and when i do they make fun of me for something else . people guess that i can only play basic / beginner songs on the guitar and i get called a boy and gets told i should be more girly . then when i do things like dress nice or do anything related to dance / ballet / bts music i’m weird ? i get made fun of for being able to tell them apart and it’s stupid wtf do these people want me to do

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  12. I love seeing those posts on fb that grown ass women share with the comment "meeee" where the op says "ain't no woman out there that stays home, pays her own bills, can cook, give good brain AND enjoy watching sports " like, who tf are you, and why do you think I'm supposed to prove my worth to your commandments. Lol

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  13. boys say women aren't funny…

    yet their humor consists of using slurs, calling everything gay, being straight up offensive, and justifying it by calling it "dark humor". like shut the fuck up, it's annoying.

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  14. i'm a teenage girl and i enjoy watching hockey. whenever a guy finds out that i like hockey it's always "name five players/teams" or "who won the stanley cup in x year". i don't have to tell you shit. leave me and my interests alone.

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  15. I got body-shamed by a grown-ass man the other day
    I am f i f t e e n
    I was just posting a picture i thought looked good but damn he was so toxic
    and if i enjoy a simple basic thing i get made fun of because i'm 'that basic girl'

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  16. I love teenagers! Been a long time since I’ve been a teenage girl myself, but it’s a particularly difficult time of life…going through so many changes so fast, insecurities, peer pressure, relating to parents, etc. When you make a mistake and get ridiculed, it’s like the whole world crashes down on your head and you won’t survive. All the times I thought I knew more than my parents…nope! Wish I had listened to them, LOL! And so on.
    Times have INDEED changed! Most of it, you have no control over, as it was prophesied long ago. Case in point, look up 2 Timothy 3:1-5. The Bible is not popular today. But did you know it answers ALL of life’s toughest questions? Did you know it points to OUR day as the most significant in human history? Did you know it promises the near future is VERY bright? And is the source of timeless WISDOM? We can’t be surprised when religions disappoint…Jesus and his apostles warned it would be corrupted. The Bible itself is RELIABLE, however. Young people, I hope you will give it a chance! I recommend the non commercial website JW.org for free downloadable bible study aids, videos, questions answered, and more. YOUNG PEOPLE ASK is a section specifically for your age group. No cost, no obligation. I am not affiliated with this website. I just know that millions have found inner peace and hope here. Truth is easy to recognize; even small children grasp it. Nothing to lose by checking it out!

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  17. It’s also really fucking easy to make fun of 14 year old girls huh, as a grown adult. And when they’re trying their best to defend themselves they get brushed off as cringey or plain dumb. Damn I can get so mad at this.

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  18. as a teenage girl I only just realized how twisted society is when it comes to teenage girls on social media. I had always avoided mentioning certain bands, songs, clothing brands, and activities out of fear of being ridiculed. The amount of times I’ve been classed as a basic fake depressed white bitch it unbelievable and all just for listening to Billie Eilish or wanting a pair of vans. It’s an awful thing that teenage girls have to go through their teenage years thinking that there’s something wrong with them.

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  19. I was just on a fucking instagram reel where men (mostly teen boys) were dogging on two girls who made an “aesthetic” video of them going to LA on a day trip for fun and going shopping. They were just straight up saying it was stupid and cringy for them to go do it. LIKE WHAT? WHAT? How is it two girls fault that LA is overrated? Cause they were DEAD ASS BLAMING THEM FOR LAS PROBLEMS?!?!? HOW?

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  20. Everything you said is so TRUE I swear you can never win cause I’m into anime, mostly into sailor moon and I have merch, figures, etc. I’m scared of showing it because of being made fun of. There was one time i was listening to a song that was from sailor moon I was made of fun for listening to a SONG. I can’t. I want to tell others my interests but I don’t want to be judged.

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  21. Women : is feminine
    Everybody: Omg ur so basic haha, like ur so boring lmao

    Women: is masculine, androgynous, or undifferentiated, and has never even bashed feminine women
    Everybody: Omg stop trying so hard to be "not like the other girls", like you're so obviously a "pick me girl", like you're literally trying so hard to be hard qUiRkY but you're not lmao

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  22. You know what I absolutely HATE, when men always make fun of how girls basically speak up against Sexism and it pisses me off SO MUCH, the word feminist has been twisted and painted into such a bad perspective by the disgusting misogynistic men who are like "not all men" when a woman on tiktok is talking ab an experience she had like s*xual assault or something like that. IT'S SO DISGUSTING HOW IF YOU SAY YOU ARE A FEMINIST EVEN AS A TEEN GIRL A GUY WOULD BE LIKE "oh say you prolly say kill all men", like excuse me? WE WANT EQUALITY AND JUSTICE

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  23. Thank you for talking about this! You are absolutely correct. My dad and brothers love watching nature channels and playing sports all day, but once my parents found out I like a boyband, I was made fun of.

    Someone once asked me why I like BTS, and my mom just answered for me, “oh, you know, they’re popular and everything and she’s a fourteen year old girl…” and although I just like them and keep to myself, whenever we meet someone my dad has to bring it into EVERY conversation that I like kpop with a mocking tone. And when I call them out for it, they get annoyed and say that they’re not even making fun of me, they make it seem like I’m just being sensitive.

    My brothers make fun of me too for listening to the music even when I do so on my headphones privately. Like why does it bother you so much? Is it because it’s just a typical ‘teenage girl’ phase? And no, I don’t like them just because they’re attractive. Just because I’m interested in something that has guys in it doesn’t mean I watch them for their faces.

    Now I kinda got embarrassed about liking them and try to keep to myself as much as I can.

    (And then my parents ask me why I’m watching TV alone only in my room all day…maybe because that’s the only place where I can like what I like in peace without being judged 🤦🏻‍♀️)

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  24. and on top of that GOD FORBID a teenage boy was interested in some of the things that teenage girls like. cuz then they’re made fun of and it’s “oh he’s gay!” as if it’s an insult, “he’s feminine!”, “he likes girly things!”. so many things wrong with society and culture as a whole that the older generation created on us. cuz then teenage/young adult boys that are just like the older generation are treating this group of teenage boys and treating women as if they’re nothing and they act as if they’re superior.

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  25. I drew pictures of my MALE bullies being eaten by dragons in the 7th grade, to at least trick myself into having some sort of control. Surprise, surprise! They made fun of me for that too. You'd think "that was kinda dumb anyway" and I thought that too, till I realized I was neurodivergent. So these teenage boys made fun of a mentally ill, neurodivergent girl for being the way she was, and made fun of her for also trying to pathetically regain some control.

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  26. when i tried to get into sports guys would tell me i needed to get on the level of other guys and that i was trying to be "cool" and "get attention" or "show off my body cause i think i'm better" i was alienated from it by mansplaners and people who would underhandedly tell me sports aren't a girls place

    when i got into fashion and makeup i was asked why i was wearing so much and whose attention i was trying to get and if i was turning into a prissy girly girl

    when i got into reading i was laughed at for liking the books that were marketed towards my age group and talking about them was labeled as a "dork" and "why don't you just play sports or something"

    i love my interests being hated just cause i'm a teenage girl

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  27. AAAAAA i’m writing a speech on letting teenage girls enjoy their interests in peace and reading this comment section is at the same time helpful but also deeply saddening.

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  28. I recently joined the attack on Titan fandom and I’ve already had encounters online of men with the mentality of 11 year old boys saying I only watch anime for the attractive 2D men. I’ve been watching anime since I was 4 years old. It’s concerning if you think a 4 year old girl is only watching for MATURED MEN!

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  29. i'd also like to add that while it does definitely stem in misogyny, i think it also stems in the fact that society (mainly old people) don't respect children and think of them as stupid and think that they don't know anything, so obviously to them anything that a kid likes is stupid.

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  30. I see a ton of stuff and I don't even use social media (unless you count youtube, i guess). As a musician, I've seen borderline gatekeeping behavior, people looking down on me for playing guitar and ukulele songs that only use open chords when I am literally a beginner. I don't have the skills to play barre chords yet, I'm teaching myself and I don't want to attempt them without proper guidance because I don't want to hurt my wrist or arm as I have previously as a violinist and pianist who pushed myself too hard. I like pop music, sue me, but I really don't define myself by one genre. I like everything from Indie music to Sorbian folk music (which I discovered was my heritage and recently began to listen to it and I might even learn to play it since from the sound of it they use violins)

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  31. I once wrote a comment about how "I am 14 and this is deep" Comments aren't that constructive or funny because relating to something that helps you feel less alone and better in general isn't something to laugh about. Puberty is fecking hard to go through. You feel so many things that just confuse you. You gotta figure things out.

    I just got comments how I am being overdramatic and that what I am saying is dumb.

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