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Meth Injection: How Much Power Will It Give You? | Xem thêm nhiều thông tin hay nhất tại đây.


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Meth Injection: How Much Power Will It Give You? và các hình ảnh liên quan đến nội dung này.

Meth Injection: How Much Power Will It Give You?

give it a shot là gì và các Nội dung liên quan đến nội dung.

Xem thêm video: Lắp bộ phun meth trên ô tô sẽ mang lại cho bạn bao nhiêu điện năng? Trong tập này, tôi sẽ giải thích tiêm meth là gì và điều gì sẽ xảy ra khi lắp một bộ phụ kiện trên ô tô của bạn. .

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Meth Injection: How Much Power Will It Give You?.

give it a shot là gì.

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  1. im currently running a non intercooled vortech v3 super charger and would like to install a snow kit mainly for cooling if i get tuned for it then for some reason am forced to run without it would this hurt the engine? at the moment my tune has a shorta digital cooling fail safe when iat reach 150 the tune begins to pull timing to reduce the possibility of knock

  2. You want to tune your car on EVERY UPGRADE excluding air filter… Exhaust? More air flow, car needs to know to get true potential. You know nothing behind the physics of a car guy.

  3. My car loves 95 octane stock tune. I get much better throttle response and torque. At 93 octane there's abit of ping especially on hot days. So in a way I think it would benefit if installed with correct settings to give me 95 octane.

  4. If you get wheel chirps in the early cool mornings and your car feels extra responsive, then your car will mostly likely benefit from meth injection. If you dont know what Im talking about then dont waist your money on meth injection.

  5. Well , not a custom tune, but simply a tune or piggyback will give good results. Most of the ' tune in can' are rated for 93-98 octane. But no way you would always get good quality gas at the station. Those kit will help to keep the same performance all the time.

  6. I love the honesty and you told me what I know and some! Do you think a newer 2016 5.0 with exhaust and cold air intake plus a good tune would benefit from this? I see some n/a guys run e85 on them I know it's different but similar. Should I expect loss of power? Any opinions?

  7. Most people don’t tune so there engine doesn’t rely on the meth in the case you run out or empty you res you can still drive without your meth, also most high end kits you can set up yourself so there no need to tune dependent for it

  8. Im the outlier I guess… supercharged 3rz Tacoma's 8psi pulley upgraded fuel pump stock ecu. Im running aem water meth, and was able to run hotter spark plugs, gained about 1.5 pounds of boost, and it helped fill in the gap where the computer fell on its face. Butt dyno showed a massive gain resulting in giggles, and weeees!

  9. Wow shitty video, not trying rain on your parade but you shouldn’t base an entire video on what you shouldn’t do….99% of people watching this video probably have a boosted vehicle and already know for a fact you get good gains with meth and a tune. That’s how you use meth.

  10. What about just water injection on a standard car by tricking computer ecu just clean high mileage car just to make it last longer but a fine mist only on full throttle?

  11. That was most stupid video i seen :D Person ask what gains u get and he said nothing… And who install meth without tuning it ??? wtf dumb video is here just wasted my time :D

  12. I just installed a cold air intake. I think it's going to give me about 500 horsepower extra. It weighs about 4 pounds less than my stock intake so that should take off about 3 seconds on my quarter mile time

  13. Totally wrong!!!! Any turbo car without a custom tune will definitively gain power having W/M injection kit installed. Same boost pressure with colder air means more air into the cylinder. More air along with more fuel (from methanol) means more power. Not only that, if meth injected before IAT sensor, the ecu will correct the timing advance for the colder air taking full advantage of it.

  14. wrong clean fuel system cats everything but i dont inject i started with a bong pcv catchcan now altra sonic mist with -20 windshield washer fluid 2 bucks a gal.ya its not what your talking about but your vid says nothing ive seen it 20 times and had to say my piece

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