My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead | give it a shot là gì | Danh Sách Học Tiếng NHẬT nhiều công dụng nhất

Nếu bạn đang muốn tra cứu lời giải nhắc về chủ đề give it a shot là gì, Nhưng Bạn chưa tìm được nguồn giải đáp chính xác hoặc những câu trả lời có ích cho nội dung của mình, thì mời bạn xem tin tức rõ ràng dưới đây do chúng tôi viết ngay sau đây.

My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead | Xem thêm nhiều phương thức bổ ích nhất tại đây.


Bênh cạnh đọc các thông tin này các bạn có thể xem một số thông tin hữu dụng khác do Chúng mình cập nhật ngay đây nhé.

My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead và các hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này.

My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead
My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead

give it a shot là gì và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến đề tài.

Tham gia Patreon của tôi: Tải xuống Cài đặt trước Lightroom của tôi: FUJIFILM X-E4 của tôi bị lỗi và đã quay trở lại cửa hàng tôi đã mua nó. Có cái gì đó không đúng…

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Từ khoá có liên quan đến bài viết give it a shot là gì.

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My FUJIFILM X-E4 was faulty!! This is what I bought instead.

give it a shot là gì.

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  1. Got an XE3 the other day on the strength of your recent posts. £389 in as new condition, original box with everything including the flash! Totally mint and a brilliant camera with all the buttons, especially the MCS switch. Can't really tell the difference between my XT3 images and this one. XE4 has some really nice features but Fuji has taken too much away on this occasion, so it won't be on my wish list.

  2. if you have to choose only one camera from all that you owned for the rest of your life, what would be and what lens will be on it?? ;)

    congratulations sir for the new X-T4 camera, and hoping to buy a Fujifilm camera in the near future..

  3. Here I am far away in Australia and I like it that I recognise the streets near Covent Garden and Leicester Square more than 20yrs after I briefly lived there as a youngish backpacker

  4. Apparently not the same problem, but I thought my X-T1 had a mark on the sensor. I cleaned the sensor and found the mark still there on images. After much investigation there was a spot on rear lens element (lens XF 35mm f2 WR). Cleaning the lens solved the issue. Moral of the story – check your lens as well as sensor if you start to see spots on your images.

  5. Hi Chris i bought a second hand copy of the 18-55 made in Japan. Its one of my favourite lens especially for street. My copy is sharp, but I have heard some people complain about theirs. Have fun

  6. I love the fact that with all your ventures with Fujifilm, you bought the X-T4!!! in order to get your first crack at the 18-55…LOL — I'm still addicted to my X-T2 after all these years. Can't seem to pry myself away…yes, the 18-55 is priceless and I've also fallen in love with the XC 35mm which I believe you have as well. That will be stunning on the X-T4. I've wanted to get the X-T3 for some time, but I picked up the X-T30 last year and aside from the tiny form factor and the single SD card, it's supposed to be as capable as the X-T3…so I think I've got the dynamic duo…but I can't wait to see how you get on with the X-T4….I/m still in love with my X-E1, so the X-E4 will have to wait, but yeah, I'm staying tuned for the X-T4 reviews….Love this channel so much…so refreshingly upbeat and fun! Exactly what the world needs right now. Thanks Chris! – Scott (Miami, FL, USA)

  7. Ah, the XT4, my first Fuji Camera… I love it! Can’t wait to see the 18-55 and XT4 in action!. So, I have the 16-55 2.8, and it’s a beast but that Fujifilm XF 18-55 has gotten a ton of great reviews and, it’s lighter. So, the XE-4, is that coming back home with you at some point or did you say goodbye?

  8. Okay Chris. I get it you were so, so, so excited you had to get it out on the train home.

    We're talking cameras here folks. Stop that sniggering at the back of the class, thank you!

    I've got the X-T4 and I figure you'll be well pleased. Nice to see somebody else who is as excited as me when they get new kit in their hands.

  9. Sorry you are having trouble with your X4. Congratulations on your T4 purchase along with the 18-55 f2.8-4 lens.

    You stated the T4 was on you to purchase list. Despite my not liking the X4, I’m sorry you purchased the T4 related to the X4 pooping out. The T4 is on my list too. I’ve purchased an XPRO 3 and used T30 this year. Whereas I’m a nurse and make a lot of money, it is hard to justify rationally the purchase of a 3rd body. I can do that.I can afford to purchase the T4. My nursing diagnosis would be I’m crazy and afflicted with GAS if I execute this purchase. Unlike you Chris, I’m not a professional photographer and don’t need this bit of gear for work. I am embarrassed to admit this. I seldom use the XPRO3 or T30. I know if I purchased the T4 it would gather dust through neglect.

    I can join the choir that sings the very nice piece of glass, especially when purchased as part of a new body purchase. I love it and value the OIS. It is my only Fuji stabilized lens. Small and light for what it does. I purchased it when buying a Fuji body. Used I could purchase it for $300 US used. As much as I love this lens, for you I’d consider selling it. What?

    I’m spending your money now. Consider the 16-55 f2.8 lens. It all depends on your use case. The 16-55 is considered a better lens. It may be red badged. The 2.8 on the 18-55 quickly goes to 4.0. The 16-55 is 2.8 through it’s entire range. A question to ask yourself is will I use 2.8 a lot? If so, the 16-55 is your lens. It is bigger and heavier than the 18-55. Not a consideration in the studio but if taking the lens out for the day of shooting, do you want to schlep this piece of glass around with you? I understand but don’t know from experience, the 16-55 balances well on the T4. The T4 has IBIS. The 16-55 doesn’t have OIS. For video use the IS is critical, as you know, if you without a tripod.

    Here is a radical idea. I’m coming from an X4 non-fan. Ditch the X4 and with the credit from the return, purchase the 16-55 lens. I can make the case for keeping both lenses. The 18-55 lens is lighter than the 16-55 and with the OIS can be used with all your other bodies other than the X100 series. It also has the virtue that you already own it so it isn’t free but you have it at no extra cost.

    I lust after the T4 but it isn’t in my near term future. Universe, if you’re listening, I’m open to winning a new a T4 body. I have the ca$h in my desk draw emergency fund to afford the purchase. A T4 purchase isn’t an emergency. Good on you for your T4 purchase and I know you’ll be using it soon for commercial and YouTube use. Glad you purchased the 18-55 kit lens and hope you’ll love it as so many do. As a professional you might be better off with the 16-55 lens now you have an IBIS enabled body. Chris, you do so many videos about purchasing gear, especially old gear. I am suggesting the consideration of purchasing an old (?) 16-55 lens for your commercial and YouTube customers. I feel the urge now to take my XPRO3 out for a walk.

    Mask on Nurse Marty

  10. Thanks Chris. I had the xe-4 Twice and issues both time with focus peaking off the first time and the second time the images flipping. So I also gave up on it. I purchase a like new Fuji xe2s since I like the sensor and am loving the camera. Congratulations on the xt4 with the 18-55 sounds like a great combo and hope you really enjoy the outfit

  11. Excellent camera! I picked up an XT-4 a couple of months ago with the 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 lens, as a lighter alternative to use when I don’t wish to lug my 5D Mark IV around. Love it’s traditional look and feel, offering different shooting experience compared to the 5D. Produces great images, and it’s certainly not a kit lens!

  12. If you bought that I hope you got a discount for the scratched box ;) The 18-55 is a superb piece of kit, tack sharp and beautifully made. Imho there is no need to buy the more expensive 16-55 f2.8 version unless you really really need that extra stop.

  13. I almost got the 18-55mm lens but instead opted for the 15-45mm based on its insane compactness and being super light. I recommend you give that one a try if you can. Its only quirk is the power zoom control which takes a bit to get used to, but the IBIS and sharpness combined is amazing.

  14. So wish there was a Fujifilm store near me!! I have the 18-55mm as well. I was part of the deal when I bought my X-T3. It does a great job. I haven't used it yet for video, but I understand it does very well in that arena. What camera were you using to shoot video when you sat down outside the store?

  15. I got that lens in a kit with my X-e3 and it is fabulous. I don’t have the benefit of in camera image stabilisation but the lens alone does a good enough job that hand held video is perfectly watchable and image quality is great.

  16. I just returned my X-E4 today too it has an issue with the bottom plate paint peeling 🥲 however everything is working fine its just annoying since the camera is brand new. They refunded the money since they are out of stock otherwise they would’ve change it

  17. "Things may appear to be out of joint. But that is due to our distorted vision. Purify the vision by self-surrender, and you see everything good." Swami Ramdas

    So, XE-4 is perfect ;o) Like X-T3, X100V that I own. I use them depending on the pictures I intend to.
    I started photography in 1975 with a Zenit EM, when I failed I didn't say Zenit was faulty, I questionned myself. Anyway the seller woundn't have take back the camera.
    2 years later I bought a Nikkormat Ftn. My pictures were better but not due to Nikon instead of Zenit. I improved my practice and knowledge.
    Ok Chris, let's say X-E4 is not perfect… Can you indicate one in your opinion ?
    Some are great for street photography, some for macro, some for landscapes or sports, others when it rains or snows… I'am quite aware of your skills and be sure I really enjoy your videos, you, however how can bringing back a camera could a solution, especially you got specs ?
    Forgive my english, wich is not originally my language.

  18. 18-55 was super dupper when it was made in Japan.Now days there is a chance you have to go through multiple copy's, since (unfortuanately) production is moved out of Japan.Same is applicable to the Fujifilm body's, they are not what they used to be.

  19. I'm a prime lens snob, but the 18-55mm is very good. I bought mine at a discount from a broken up kit, and was surprised at both the mechanical and optical quality. The term "kit lens" has a negative connotation, so ignore that moniker and just use it as a first class lens.

  20. You will love the 18 to 55…great lens, have one on my XPro1. Only drawbacks are no aperture click ring and the variable aperture. But what a competent performer. Good luck with the new kit, can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

  21. That's the most tense unboxing I've ever seen 🤣
    Btw, the 'kit' lens is so good that I bought a second copy just to not to fight with my wife when we both go on a holiday trip and we both bring our Fujis…

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